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Welcome to Space Universe Simulator, the ultimate space game that lets you explore the stars in the galaxy and beyond. Experience the thrill of space and solar system smash as you collide planets with each other in a puzzle style game. Conquer planets which has lower mass than yours and watch them turn into stars in this space game.In Space Universe Simulator, you'll have the chance to explore challenging levels in the galaxies. Discover new star constellations in universe game. Witness breathtaking space messages that will make you feel good in this space simulator. Use your brain to navigate through the stars and uncover the mysteries of the stars in the universe simulator game.With dream like graphics and stunning visual effects, Space Universe Simulator offers a truly dream walking space experience. Discover new constellations as you venture deeper into challenging but relaxing levels.Collide your planet with planets at different locations and make your own star constellation. Watch the planet explode and create a nebula space dust and turn into a bright and shiny star. Create stars in the space and universe.Whether you're a space enthusiast or just love puzzle, relaxing games, Space Universe Simulator is the perfect choice. Download now and embark on an unforgettable journey through the galaxy and universe.
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