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Game Name:

Star Legends

Game Description:

Star Legends is a game based on the theme of cosmic warfare, where players will be placed in a universe full of unknowns and engage in fierce wars against different races. Various races rely on advanced technological civilization to compete for control of the planet's resources. Players will take on the role of a commander who will lead his forces in battle with other alien races and decide the fate of the universe.


Destroy all the alien races, occupy all the planets, and let the light illuminate every corner of the universe.

How to play:

After entering the state of war, it is usually the appearance of friendly and enemy forces in the game, and there are also a lot of planetary resources. The player as the commander. You can freely altitude your own spaceship.

Select the node where you have a spaceship and drag it to the target location. Keep an eye on the enemy's firepower and send more ships to the target planet. The gameplay is very simple and easy to use,

But it's not an easy task to arrange the number of ships reasonably.


When arranging the spaceship, the spaceship can be divided into squads, and multiple squads work together to carry out the task of resource occupation, which will save a lot of flight time.

Game Features:

Rich Map Warfare: The game provides a variety of map scenes, allowing players to engage in fierce battles in all corners of the universe and experience different war styles and strategic challenges.

Exciting Operations: Through precise operations and quick reactions, players can gain an advantage in battle and feel the exciting rhythm of battle.

Clever strategy design: In addition to operational skills, strategy development is also crucial. Players need to think and devise clever strategies to defeat their opponents and achieve victory using their resources and strength superiority.
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