STARWEAVE is more than an RPG – it’s a tapestry of intertwined fates, a journey marked by camaraderie, laughter, loss, and defiance against the inescapable. Set against the backdrop of a world held hostage by prophecy, you will navigate the treacherous landscapes of destiny, and grapple with the chains that bind you to an oppressive cycle.


Squad-Based, Turn-Based Combat: Engage in tactically demanding encounters where every decision counts, and the balance of power can shift in the blink of an eye.

Refusal Mechanic: Refuse to be bound by destiny. Characters may resist their prescribed roles, altering the course of what they've been told to do. It's up to you to come to grips with your errant actions.

Rich Storytelling: Immerse yourself in a richly woven narrative where bonds are tested, friendships are forged, and every victory is a step towards breaking the cycle.

Character Bonding: Experience heartwarming bonding moments with your teammates. Their lives are intertwined with yours, and their struggles, their laughter, and their sacrifices will resonate with you long after you’ve put the game down.

In STARWEAVE, every decision, every interaction, every step taken can tip the scale of destiny. With every choice, you will come closer to the truth - the truth of who you are, who you were meant to be, and who you choose to become. Stand strong against the tides of fate and weave your own starry path. Your journey awaits.
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