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In this game, you will enter a world full of fantasy and adventure.

This world is inhabited by human outsiders from distant planets and indigenous creatures known as the Warcraft, while the Sky City, towering above, watches over both humans and Warcraft.
You can choose to play as a human outsider from a distant planet or as an indigenous Warcraft creature. Regardless of which faction you choose, you will encounter rich exploration and interaction.

Here, there is no distinction between good and evil. Instead, you will arm yourself through diverse experiences: interacting with thirty NPCs, utilizing marvelous technological aids, employing cold firearms, and earning rewards through achievements.
Players use a variety of weapons and tools to combat enemies, including sci-fi-style guns like rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, as well as melee weapons like swords and axes.

Players can control various aspects of their characters, such as attributes, talents, and attire.Each day in the game, players will gain new skills and abilities, such as "Enveloped in Flames," which inflicts continuous fire damage on firearms, ammunition, and melee weapons for a certain period.

Enemies in the game include different types of human armies, semi-mechanical armored units, massive super-armored units, various humanoid mutant beasts, alien humanoid mutants, and giant alien humanoid mutants.

On this marvelous planet, each day brings different weather changes and survival challenges. You will need to confront various enemies, strive to survive under the guidance of NPCs, and uncover the mysterious truth behind the Star Plan and the Sky City.

This world awaits your exploration.
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Available on devices:
  • Windows


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