Street Battle Fighter 6

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Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled brawl in the palm of your hand with Street Battle Fighter 6, the ultimate mobile fighting game! Immerse yourself in the raw intensity of street combat as you step into the shoes of a fearless fighter ready to take on any challenger.

Street Battle Fighter delivers heart-pounding action and thrilling battles that will push your fighting skills to the limit. Choose your warrior from a diverse roster of fighters, each with their own unique fighting style and signature moves. From lightning-fast punches to bone-crushing kicks, master the art of hand-to-hand combat and unleash devastating combos to dominate your opponents.

Engage in fierce one-on-one battles across dynamic urban landscapes, from dark alleyways to bustling city streets. The game's stunning visuals and fluid animations bring the gritty world of street battles to life, making every punch, kick, and block feel incredibly realistic and satisfying.

Embark on a captivating journey through the game's immersive story mode, filled with intriguing characters, unexpected alliances, and dangerous rivalries. Uncover the secrets of the underground street fighting scene as you fight your way to the top, earning respect and proving yourself as the ultimate Street Battle Fighter 6.

Street Battle Fighter 6 offers a variety of game modes to keep you hooked. Test your skills and endurance in the challenging arcade mode, where waves of opponents become progressively tougher. Take on real players from around the world in intense multiplayer battles and climb the global rankings. Participate in thrilling tournaments and events to earn exclusive rewards and become a legend of the street fighting world.

With intuitive touch controls specifically designed for mobile devices, executing powerful attacks and combos is as easy as tapping and swiping. Immerse yourself in the responsive combat system, strategically timing your moves and counters to outsmart your opponents and emerge victorious.

Experience the energy and excitement of street battles with the game's immersive sound effects and dynamic soundtrack. Every punch, every kick, and every victory is accompanied by exhilarating audio that heightens the intensity of each fight.

Are you ready to unleash your fighting spirit and dominate the streets? Download Street Battle Fighter 6 now and prove yourself as the ultimate street fighting champion. Prepare for non-stop action, fierce competition, and the thrill of victory as you rise through the ranks. The battle begins now - show the world your true fighting prowess!
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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV