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    Sudoku is an introductory single-level game for mass users. It improves logic ability while playing puzzle games.

    Standard Rule - Fill in the Numbers 1 through 9 on a 3 by 3 plate and do not repeat.
    AI answer - Erase wrong answers, record unknown reasoning, step solution hint, help solve puzzles without losing fun;Level design by simple, step-by-step, so that beginners can quickly enjoy the charm of Sudoku.
    Sudoku Elves - Summon digital elves to make the world from 1 to 9 full of joy. Merge the same elves to save more elves and join the world of Sudoku together!

    If you experience happiness in the game and like this "Sudoku", please give us a score and praise support!

    Contact information for developers: [email protected]
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    Available on devices:
    • IOS
    • Android
    • Smart TV