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"Sundown Survival" plunges you into an adrenaline-fueled top-down shooter experience set within a relentless post-apocalyptic world. Day and night aren't just time of day here, they are your life cycles, each with its own dangers and opportunities.About this Game
Venture into a world lurking not just with zombies, but with human marauders as well. As daylight breaks, use the time wisely to craft gear, and build fortifications - assuming you don’t catch the interest of marauders or other survivors. Once the sun sets, be prepared for a nail-biting fight against an onslaught of zombies.Gameplay
Survival in "Sundown Survival" demands strategic thinking and quick reflexes. Gather resources and craft whenever you can catch a peaceful moment. Level up, choose perks and fight bosses. The game offers a thrilling combination of survival, crafting, and top-down shooting.Features
Top-Down Shooter: Navigate intense top-down shooting action that will keep you on your toes.
Day/Night Cycle: Learn to use the day for crafting and the night for survival. It's a brutal world that demands strategy, and the invaders will do everything they can to throw you off your guard.
Crafting System: Utilize resources to craft gear and build fortifications. Your survival depends on it.
Action RPG Elements: Every decision you make, every upgrade you apply matters. Build your character in the best way, from the gear and perks you come across. This is where survival meets action RPG."Sundown Survival" blends heart-pounding top-down shooting with an intense survival challenge. Will you survive to see the dawn of a new day?
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  • Windows