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1962, Warsaw. While the threat of atomic annihilation looms near, polish underground forces attempt to fight back against the soviet invader. As a participant of the local underground resistance, you and your girl are planning your next attack before a bomb strikes your hideout.

After being fatally wounded, you awaken inside a hospital. While being inside a cryostatic coma, you have slept 50 years - it's currently the year 2038. Everything has changed. You hurry out of bed with two tasks in mind: To get revenge and to find your girl.

Fight through various locations of Warsaw to the tune of energetic, original soundtrack. Explore the city streets ruined by communistic regime and enjoy the flashy neons of the cyberpunk-esque districts, all full of deadly robots. Build up your strength by levelling up and gaining more currency used to buy various upgrades in the hub store. Unravel the secrets of the city and reach the final boss in this immersive, fast-paced game delivered by a polish indie dev team!
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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV


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