Teratale: Tide of Wishes

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This game is a top-down pixel art game. You will travel with your mysterious partner Tupa, fight powerful monsters, discover treasures and secrets scattered around the world, and uncover the truth of the world, Tupa and yourself with the help of the tide of wishes.

Travel in a rich and mysterious world and experience a non-linear exploration process based on ability locks.
Search for powerful weapons, each weapon not only has a special combat method, but also contains unique exploration abilities.
Use the power of the tide to fulfill wishes, and thus change the world in a limited way to discover more possibilities. What will happen if different wishes are fulfilled at the same time?
A twisted and interesting story, the true ending awaits those who are determined to reveal it.
Enjoy specialty cuisine all over the world. Have you heard that there are little-known legendary delicacies?
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Available on devices:
  • Windows