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In "Find And Drink The Water," your mission is to locate water in the jungle. Join forces with your friend as you venture through the wilderness, overcoming obstacles to quench your thirst. Along the way, you must also hunt down and consume three animals to sustain yourselves. Navigate the jungle carefully, and use your survival skills to ensure you and your friend stay hydrated and nourished.

In "A Wolf Is In Danger In The Jungle," a wolf faces peril, and it's up to you and your friend to come to its rescue. Journey through the jungle together, facing dangers and challenges as you strive to save the wolf from harm. Work together to overcome obstacles and ensure the safety of the vulnerable animal. Your courage and teamwork will be essential in this noble mission.

As you progress through the game, the challenges intensify in "Go With Your Friends, Kill Any 5 Animals And Eat Them" and "Go With Your Friends, Kill Any 6 Animals And Eat Them." Join forces with your friends once again as you hunt down and consume animals for sustenance. However, be cautious, as the jungle is fraught with danger, and every hunt presents its own risks. Together, you must rely on your skills and cooperation to overcome these challenges and emerge victorious. Additionally, "Some Of Your Enemies Had Attacked On Your Friends And Take Them To Their Place, Go And Save Them Before They Kill Your Friends" adds a new urgency to your quest as you race against time to rescue your captured friends from enemy clutches. Use your wits and strength to outsmart your adversaries and ensure the safety of your companions.
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