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All right then, mi bredren, let me tell you 'bout dis toad named Herby who live in Las Toadgas just outside Las Vegas. Dis toad, him love de river vibes and him love to soak up de sun. Him like to spend him days loungin' on a log, listenin' to de sweet sounds of reggae music, and smokin' de herb.

One day, Herby was chillin' by de river, smokin' a big doobie and gobblin' dem flies out of de air when him hear a strange noise. Him look up and see a big, bad crocodile comin' towards him. Herby try to hop away, but him too slow, and de crocodile catch him in him jaws.

Now, most toads would be scared outta dem minds in dis situation, but not Herby. Him keep his cool and him keep smokin' him doobie, even as de crocodile start to chew on him. De crocodile, him start to choke on de smoke and cough up poor Herby.

When Herby hop away, him realize dat him doobie saved him life! From dat day forward, Herby become known as Ganja Greenlegs the Rasta Toad, and him start to spread de message of peace, love, reggae and ganja to all de frogs in Las Toadgas. Him become a legend, and him name be remembered forevermore!
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