Too Small To Matter

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War. The province of Man. It destroys everything on its path and affects even those who cannot comprehend it.
This is the story of those small lives and their journey of survival. A story about a couple of animals that are trying to find peace away from human destruction.

Make Choices
This is a visual-novel where you take control of a small mouse, Tails, and try to survive the perils of a war that is ravaging everything around him. As a player, you will be able to make choices that considerably change the course of the game. Choosing what path to take, what resources to use and even who to save, are but a few of the things you will dictate.

Survive the River
During the game you will also be able to control a small helmet that carries all the survivors down a perilous river. In a side-scrolling gameplay you will need to avoid obstacles and make sure the helmet's water level doesn't reach the point of sinking. With each new friend you find, new mechanics will be unlocked, giving you more control to avoid the river's perils.

Unlock Beautiful Concepts
As you progress the game you will be able to unlock beautiful art pieces, that our artists drew in the process of giving life to this amazing adventure. Each art piece corresponds to a story chapter, so you will need to play the game several times to discover all the possible outcomes and to unlock all the concepts available.
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Available on devices:
  • Windows