Enter the world of TORSO TENNIS: an sports-like rogue-lite autobattling. Do you have what it takes to perfect your build and win it all?
Features Multi-ball tennis action. Serve up as many balls as you can and scramble to return serves from procedurally-generated tennis monstrosities.
Tons of builds. Find new limb combinations that absolutely wreck your foes and break the game.
Upgrade & Win. Spend your billz to upgrade your LIMBS, get perma-boosts from TATTOOS, and become the grand champion of this TORSO TENNIS season.Builds you should take for a spin Are you a fan of SHARP OBJECTS? Slice through the competition with knife arms, scissor heads, and more.
Why serve Tennis Balls when you can serve Cheese Balls that slow down your foe?
Assemble a build out of Five "Leg-type" limbs for a fantastic speed boost synergy. (plus, massive GAINS on Leg Day)What it's like to play TORSO TENNIS AAAAAAHHHH MY LIMBS ARE ALL TENNIS RACKETS!
Okay, that's better, I was able to buy some actual legs now.
Is that a Dinosaur head? Guess I'm buying it!
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Available on devices:
  • Windows