Trash Collector: Idle Builder

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Complete your mission and restore the destroyed city after the earthquake in Trash Collector: Idle Builder! Save the world in this idle arcade game!
Play for the rebuilder, run with your vacuum cleaner and collect the different kinds of garbage in the huge junkyard: wood garbage, glass litter, metal trash and more! Transport the garbage back to your base, recycle it into construction raw materials and use it to restore houses and urban infrastructure!

Become a pro builder in this idle 3D game, because after building a house you will get money! Be the master of your business! Keep unlocking new upgrades for your recycle machine. Spend money to upgrade your hero, improve the capacity, moving speed, hoarding and cleaning skills.
This idle collect trash game is a great way to relieve stress and have a good time. Deliver trash to be recycled, control the rebuilding process and help make the world a cleaner place! Play and become the best trash cleaner in the world, carry out the duties of junkyard keeper.
What are you waiting for? Let's play this offline trash cleaner tycoon game. Trash Collector: Idle Builder can be played with just one finger! This idle arcade has super simple control for player. You can rebuild the city on your way to school, university or job, you will enjoy it!
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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV