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Embark on an epic adventure in Dungeon Quest: Treasure Hunt, a thrilling craft-style game that invites you to explore mysterious dungeons, uncover hidden treasures, and battle against the clock for glory and rewards. Dive into a pixelated world of endless possibilities and become the ultimate treasure hunter.

Key Features:

Explore Endlessly: Venture through a vast array of ever-changing dungeons, each with its unique layout, traps, and secrets. Navigate through dark corridors, ancient ruins, and treacherous caverns in search of legendary loot.

Race Against Time: Every dungeon comes with a ticking clock. Plan your strategy, dodge obstacles, and solve puzzles swiftly to uncover treasures before time runs out. The faster you are, the richer you become!

Combat and Strategy: Face off against cunning monsters and formidable bosses that guard the dungeon's secrets. Choose your battles wisely and use your arsenal of weapons and gadgets to gain the upper hand.

Collect and Craft: Discover rare materials and artifacts. Use them to craft powerful equipment and upgrades that enhance your abilities, giving you the edge needed to conquer the most challenging dungeons.

Immersive Pixel Art: Dive into a beautifully crafted pixelated world that pays homage to classic visuals while offering a fresh and captivating dungeon exploring experience.

Dungeon Quest: Treasure Hunt is not just a game; it's a quest for the bold and the brave. Are you ready to carve your name into the annals of treasure hunting legends? Download now and let your adventure begin!
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Available on devices:
  • Android
  • Smart TV