Vox Populi: Spain 2023

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Play as an existing or fully customisable political figure, and campaign for the Spanish general election of 2023 or many other alternative elections! In "Vox Populi: Spain 2023", you and the characters around you must promote your ideas and your popularity throughout the country to claim victory!

Choose from a host of different scenarios that place the country in various realistic or fictional situations on different dates.
Recruit your campaign team from a multitude of characters, based on their ideologies or traits.
Act directly on your nation's regions or sociological targets to impact their political opinions and voting intentions.
Adapt your strategy to the actions of your opponents and place obstacles in their path.
Fight for national unity or, on the contrary, promote the independence of the Spanish autonomous communities.
Face up to the many unforeseen events that will shake up the country's political life.
Collect enough seats in the future Congress of Deputies to ensure your influence on the nation's destiny.
Collect dozens of cards that will help you in the great national debates.
This game includes:

Nine different scenarios, past or future, many with randomisation for replayability, adapted to the country's history and politics
Dozens of pre-existing or randomly generated characters
A detailed, fully customisable character creator
Dozens of unique ideologies and corpuses
A realistic subdivision of Spain into regions and sociological categories, each with its own characteristics
Flexible character actions that allow for a wide variety of gameplay
A system of independences and annexation specific to Spain
80 unique events
Dozens of character traits that influence their actions or debates
50 varied cards for dynamic debates between characters
A unique system of parliament and political coalitions based on the ideologies of each candidate
Detailed collections of data and statistics to track the evolution of the electorate and your campaign
And much more to discover!
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Available on devices:
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