Zombies. Guns. Bodycam. ZOMBIECAM blends realism and immersion in a well paced first person shooter experience. Traverse through dangers, find new weapons and fight hordes of zombies to reach the final evacuation zone to safety.

What to expect:

LEVELS: Detailed indoor and outdoor environments with some open-world elements. Environments will look and feel authentic with realistic lighting and effects. Some photorealistic assets are already in the game.

COMBAT: While starting off with adequate difficulty, expect zombie hordes to be bigger and more aggressive throughout the game. Apex zombies will be harder to kill. Fight in both lit and unlit environments and use explosive barrels to your advantage.

WEAPONS: Axe, Revolver, AK47, Shotgun and SMG are already in the game. Expect a flamethrower and Molotov cocktails.

HUD: ZOMBIECAM is aiming for a realistic display with no HUD other then the bodycam-style border. Temporary blood on screen when taking damage.

PUZZLES AND DANGERS: Solve puzzles to advance to through the level and avoid dangers such as toxic waste spills, electricity and landmines.

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Coming Q4 2024. Wishlist now on Steam.

Press and Inquiries: [email protected]
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Available on devices:
  • Windows


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