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Immerse yourself in this delightful casual shooting mobile game in Zombie.io where you take on the role of an adorable potato protagonist.
The game unfolds in a world where extraterrestrial potatoes accidentally find themselves on Earth, forging an alliance with humans to combat the sudden zombie threat and save the world.
In the game, you can assemble a team of heroes and lead them on a mission to eradicate zombies and experience non-stop shooting intense action, and exciting gameplay features:

▼Endless Zombie Shooting▼
Unleash your shooting skills and face relentless waves of zombies as you strive to survive the apocalypse. Take down hordes of the undead with precise aim and strategic tactics.

▼ Mowing down Experience▼
Mow down the battlefield with your squad, creating pathways and obstacles for the zombies. Utilize the environment to your advantage and stay one step ahead of the undead.

▼ Gear Development▼
Equip your heroes with powerful weapons, armor, and accessories to enhance their abilities and increase your chances of survival. Customize your loadout and discover unique combinations for each hero.

▼Assemble your combat team▼
Rescue more heroes on your way to escape and recruit them into your squad! Each hero masters different special skills, upgrade them and use the correct combat strategy to defeat the ultimate zombie boss!

▼ Roguelite Gameplay▼
Experience the excitement of rogue-lite mechanics, where each playthrough is unique. Discover new skills, chapters, and challenges as you progress through the game. Adapt, strategize, and overcome the odds!

▼ Fighting alongside Friends▼
Meet more friends and embark on new adventures together. You can also build your own guild with your friends, working together to challenge powerful bosses for great rewards.
To find out more about the game or give us feedback, please follow our social media account:
▷▷▷Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gaming/zombieioofficial
▷▷▷Discord: https://discord.gg/prR6q46yve
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Available on devices:
  • IOS